Upcycled Cookie Sheet Menu Board

Magnetic Menu Board

What is the last question you want to here at the end of a long work day? Mine is, “What’s for supper?” We plan and shop for a weekly menu, but that question still seems to pop up throughout the week. Also when we sit down to plan our weekly menu, we sometimes have a difficult time coming up with meals that we want to include on our mean. I created this weekly menu board to help streamline the process.

We have quite a few family meal favorites. I decided it would be great to create magnets with our favorite meals. Then each week, we can choose from our library of meals and place them next to the day we plan to eat it. You can also quickly rearrange the menu mid-week when needed.

For this project, I upcycled an old cookie sheet. I sanded the surface and punched a hole in the handle.


Next, I spray painted the cookie. I really like Krylon COVERMAXX® spray paint (not an affiliate COVERMAXX®, just like this brand of paint).


To create the text for “Menu” and the days of the week. I used the fonts: Honey Cream and Neuton. I used my silhouette cutting machine to cut the text out of cardstock.

Cut Letters with Silhouette Cutting Machine

Then, I spray painted gold.


To create the washi tape magnets, I used these washi tapes, you can purchase these washi tapes from my Etsy shop.

Washi Tape - Gold Foil, Metallics and Aqua

I cut printable magnet paper in a 5-inch strip. Then placed washi tape across the magnet sheet.

Place washi tape on Magnetic Sheet

I used a craft knife to cut the magnet strip to the width of the washi tape.

Cute with crafting kife

I added labels with the name of the meals for our menu. Some washi tapes, you can write on with a sharpie marker, but on the foil tapes, it does not show up very well. I though the printed labels looked nicer too.


I stored the extra meal magnets on the back side of the cookie sheet. Each, we simply take the cookie sheet down, flip over, choose our meals for the week and place by the days when we want to eat the. Easy Peasy!


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