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Upcycled Cardboard Carwash

Today I have a super easy DIY cardboard carwash. This is a fun craft to make with your little. Let’s get started.



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How to Make a Cardboard Car Wash

  1. Tape the side and top flaps on both ends of the pop tart box, leaving one flap for a ramp in and out of the car wash.

    Tape side flaps



    Box with flaps taped


  2. Using a ruler and back side of the craft knife, score a line between the marks on printable. This will be a fold line.
    Make a score line

    Make a score line


  3. Cut out square and fold on score lines

    Cut out and then fold on score line



    Side panel after folding


  4. Tape side panels to each side of the pop tart box.

    Tape side panels


  5. Cut the long side of the solid blue rectangle, leaving excess to fold inside of the box.

    Top panel


  6. Tape the excess inside the box to attach the top panel.
    Attach Top

    Attach Top


  7. Cut five 8-inch strips of bubbles washi tape. These will be the flaps on the entrance of the car wash.5-strips-of-washi-tape-8-inches-long
  8. Fold the strips of washi tape in half (taping together). This step takes a little patience. The great thing about washi tape is that if you mess up, you can pull it apart and try again. Pull apart about half an inch at the ends to attach the flaps to the box.Finished-Hotwheels-Car-WashThat’s it! Now have a great time playing car wash with you little ones. Be sure to check out my Etsy shop for a wide variety of washi tapes including the bubble tape I used for this project.aqua blue washi tape with bubbles pattern


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