Super Easy Tab Dividers with Washi Tape

Hello again. It’s back to school time. School supply shopping (yay!) and time to plan for the year and get organized. Today, I want to share my method for making super easy tab dividers with washi tape.
washi tape tab dividers

This year I will be home-preschooling my 3-year-old, Landon. So I decided to create a lesson plan binder. I will be doing weekly themes, but I decided that monthly tabs, would be sufficient to make it easy to add resources and info to the right section as I gather resources throughout the year. I created the tab dividers with this template.

I used the boxes on my template to measure the length of my tape (about 2 inches).

print on washi tape alternate method

There are two ways to get printed lettering on washi tape. You can print on paper and then press the tape onto the printed area and remove. The tape will pick up the ink, but depending on the surface of the paper, it may also pull up paper fibers.

torn paper

You can also print directly onto the tape. You can register the printing by printing on paper first. Then, position your tape over the printed area and run back through the printer again. Depending on the coating of the tape, it may or may not take the ink well.
print on washi tape
You can also write on washi tape with a marker.

Next, I placed the tabs on white cardstock. I used the template to eyeball the spacing.

rainbow colored washi tape tab dividers
That’s it! Easy DIY tab dividers.

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Super Easy Tab Dividers with Washi Tape Pin


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