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8 Inspiring Handmade Cards

Who doesn’t love to receive a handmade card? It is such a lovely way to make someone’s day. Washi tape is a great way to add a quick splash of color to your handmade cards. In today’s post, I will be spotlighting some fabulous card designers. I have also created a Pinterest board with over 200 cards made with washi tape. I hope you find it to be a great source of inspiration.

Now let me introduce my guests. Be sure to check out their blogs. These are some very talented and creative ladies.

Handmade card by Katie Campbell

Katie Campbell

I love the energy and movement in this design. The two color palette and white space, keep it from being too busy. The washi tape strips ground the design and  bring the eye to the sentiment.

For more details about Katie’s design and to see more of her work check out her blog stampitwithkatie.blogspot.com.

Handmade card by Teresa Kline

Teresa Kline

I love the strong contrast in this design, between the colors and also between the bold geometric patterns and the more delicate postage marks. The texture from the string bow is very nice too.

Check out more of Teresa’s work at her blog paperieblooms.blogspot.com. You can also find her on Instagram her username is 2klines.

Handmade card by Mary Fish

Mary Fish

This card is so warm and friendly. The ivory cardstock works so well with the peach and green pastels washi tape strips. I love the sketchy, script font. The sequins add just the right final touch. She even added a strip of washi to embellish the envelope. Just lovely!

Check out Mary’s blog and read more at stampinpretty.com.


Handmade card with washi tape by Lynn Dunn

Lynn Dunn

I love the way this design uses 3 washi tapes that contrast in scale of the patterns. The big, bold diagonal stripes, the medium metallic splotches, and the tiny crisscross pattern create so much visual interest. The limited color palette helps to tie it all together and allows the floral elements to shine. I also love the placement of the sentiment in the design. It is very natural.

See more great designs by Lynn at her blog stamptasticdesigns.com.

Handmade card by Julie Davison

Julie Davison

I love how this card highlights both the form and function of washi tape. It feels so casual and natural, but the bright red really catches your eyes and ties back to the flower. I also love the way kraft paper, teal, red, and white colors interact in this design. So pretty!

Julie has tons of great card designs on her blog. Check it out at juliedavison.blogspot.com.


Handmade card by Vicky Hayes

Vicky Hayes

Less is more in this lovely handmade card, by Vicky. I love the detail of heart above the eye, the dimensional flower button. The color palette is very nice and cheerful. What a great anytime card!

Visit Vicky’s blog and check out more of her work at craftingclare.blogspot.co.uk.

Handmade card by Shandell

Shandell Hawkshaw

I love the casual feel of this card design. The nicely stamped bicycle image is super cute! I love the pink and blue together. The very subtle cloudy sky is a great detail too. This would make great happy mail to send to a friend!

Visit Shandell’s blog and see more of her handmade cards at littlemissscrappy.blogspot.com

Handmade card by Stacy Cohen

Stacy Cohen

The final featured handmade card for today is this super cute design by Stacy. I love the bright, cheerful colors. The baker’s twine outline around the circle cutouts is a great touch!. The tiny bling dots are really cute and balance out this design very nicely. What a great thank you card!

Pay Stacy a visit on her blog stacycohen.blogspot.com and check out more of her projects.

Thank you so much for checking out my post and a special thank you to my special guest. You have all provided wonderful, inspirational pieces. I really enjoyed all of your blogs.



  1. Teresa Kline

    August 19, 2016 at 5:00 pm

    thank you kindly for sharing my card…what amazing cards you have shares using washi tape…awesoem ladies!

    sparkle & shine, kindness *~*

  2. Mary Fish

    August 20, 2016 at 7:30 am

    Thank you for sharing my card today, Hayley!

  3. Shandell

    September 12, 2016 at 5:37 am

    Thank you for featuring my card 🙂 Always lovely to find another washi addict LOL

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